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The Perfect Spot To Drink And Chill In Intramuros

Bambike Ecotours in Intramuros, not only offers tours and bike rentals, but is also a great spot to just chill, hangout, and drink.

The company founded by Bryan Benitez McClelland, has been in the walled city of Manila for five years now, and has allowed tourists and locals alike to explore and ride around the historic site using locally manufactured bamboo bikes.

Bambike storefront.

It’s impressive enough Bambike promotes People-Planet-Progress advocacy for Filipino communities, through their bikes which are 100% Filipino-made and sustainable. Little did we know, they also serve pica-pica and drinks, which support local social enterprises in the country.

There’s a nut selection in aid of our farmers; a variety of local booze that range from Stanford Shaw ginger ale to Bambanog, bamboo-infused lambanog (or coconut liquor); and non-alcoholic beverages such as, Bayani Brew Philippine Iced Tea, and Fizzo Calamansi Jasmine Tea Soda, to name a few. They even serve halo-halo and snowcones.

Bambanog, photo courtesy of bambryan.

A pop-up bar of Engkanto Brewery is also available inside, for mugs of local craft beers.

Bryan explained, “We’re focused on local craft products, and things that have a Philippine identity.” He added, “From a business standpoint for us, Bambike will concentrate more on the tours. The food, we will have partners to supply and add more and more selection.”

Ale craft beer by Engkanto.

Bryan is also a co-owner of the bar and gallery Philippine Artisan Trade. He shared, “Philippine Artisan Trade will focus a lot more on Filipino food and snacks. We’re actually opening an ice cream parlor slash coffee bar type of place next door, so it’ll have food, drinks, and a proper menu.

“We’d like to think of what we’re doing over there as a third place. It’s not your work, it’s not your home, but it’s a place where you come and hangout, gather, and entertain people. That concept of a third place for me is lacking, cause you’re either a restaurant or a souvenir shop.”

Bryan Benitez McClelland.

The upcoming new store will be the first ice cream parlor in the walled city, which will consequently be a site that hosts events.

They will be having Filipino flavored desserts like guyabano and calamansi sorbets; and sweet corn, ube, and keso ice creams. It’s sort of an elevated “dirty ice cream” place that presents Filipino food in a more western style.

The menu will also be having more pica-pica, dumplings, and even tapas. “We’ll have a menu selection that will incorporate the Spanish, Chinese, and American influences, because Intramuros was the hot bend for all that,” Bryan ended.

Bambike is located in Real St. corner General Luna St., Manila, PH-NCR 1002, PHL. For inquiries call 525-8289 or email them at info@bambike.com.

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