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A Taste of McDonald’s Japan

McDonald’s, as a global brand, has varying menus all over the world. This year, the fast food giant will be bringing Filipinos bits and pieces of food items from around the globe, starting with the Land of the Rising Sun.

Photo courtesy of Abroad in Japan.

Among the 35 unique menu items from McDonald’s Japan, four were chosen and will be available in the Philippines starting today. There are two new limited-edition burgers, a french fry flavor, and a float, lifted from the East Asian country, but treated in such a way that it appeals to the Pinoy palate. The set offering is called Flavors of Japan and is released just in time for the cherry blossom season.

The first sandwich, the Ebi Burger, has a crunchy tempura-coated shrimp patty (yes, there are actual shrimps inside), sweet sauce and lettuce, all between a black and white sesame seed bun. It is a good sandwich for those looking for a light yet filling snack, and as an option for the coming lent.

True to its name, the Teriyaki Samurai Burger, cuts through one’s taste buds, with a balance of sweet and salty teriyaki glaze, which accentuates the meatiness of the patty. The sweet mayo adds another layer of flavor, making the sandwich even more satisfying.

These burgers are best paired with the Nori Shake Shake Fries. It’s McDo’s “world famous fries” but with a subtle sweet and salty seaweed-flavoring. It’s very similar to your usual sour cream fries, but without the sour. There’s a strong nori smell but it doesn’t taste fishy at all.

For the drinks, the Strawberry Sakura McFloat, has a sweet strawberry and cherry taste that is surprisingly addictive. It’s like drinking cotton candy.

McDonald’s Philippines Marketing Director, Christina D. Lao, said, “The timing is right, people would actually tag us on Twitter and even Instagram showing the photos of what they ate in other McDonalds’ stores. So we decided, why don’t we introduce it this year. Talagang sinakto naming siya sa sakura season.”

She adds, “This is the beginning of the other flavors of McDonald’s. Instead of going out or abroad, you know we’re a global brand, so we’re bringing in global experiences available in other countries. We started off with McDonalds NXTGEN, redefining the quick service restaurant experience. It’s not your usual order. We continue to bring world-class experiences and food to the Filipino consumers.”

McDonald’s Philippines Marketing Director, Christina D. Lao.

Each burger may be purchased a la carte for P125, or P149 with regular fries and drinks. Meanwhile, the medium Nori Shake Shake Fries costs P60, and the Strawberry Sakura Float P35, both priced the same with existing flavors. There is also a Sakura Meal consisting of the nori fries with any of the two burger and the sakura float for P194.

The Flavors of Japan products are available for dine-in, take-out, drive thru, and delivery, nationwide, and will only be available from 6-8 weeks.

For more information, visit McDonald’s Philippines’ Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram pages.

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