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The Baron Method Uses Food as Medicine

In our stress-filled world, it’s very hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle. In fact, a lot of diseases are lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and hypertension; chronic diseases like asthma; and autoimmune diseases like psoriasis and irritable bowel syndrome.  

“Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.” This phrase inspired athlete and nutritionist Harvie Baron to study the transformational healing power of food.

The quest for health started back in 1999, when Harvie was attacked by his own body. He was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease called ulcerative colitis, which is classified as a permanent disability. This means he was supposed to take maintenance meds for the rest of his life.

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It got to a point where he was pooping blood 30 times a day. Majority of this grueling experience happened extremely late in the evening, and at its worst, Harvie parked a mattress beside the toilet.

To beat the symptoms, Harvie had to take medical steroids in high dosages. Everything normalized. The problem with this is if you relapse, and have to keep taking the medicine, you’ll hurt your liver.

Harvie relapsed four times. His doctor nonchalantly told him, “Oh, by the way, if you keep relapsing, we will have to take out your entire colon. And you’ll be walking around with a poop bag.”

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After that meeting, Harvie resolved to do something about it. Fast forward to today, he did figure out a way and beat the disease. He’s been symptom-free since 2003.

By changing the way he ate, Harvie overcame his disease and disability, and took back his life. He even earned a nutrition diploma from Oxford College, which helped him create the Baron Method. He began his mission to help other people.

“When you’re desperate, you need someone who understands and feel what you feel. That there is hope,” Harvie says.

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The Baron Method encourages people to break free from prescription medicines and to instead, focus on nutrition. The method believes that an individual who properly learns what, when, and how to consume food willattain indestructible health, and have the ability to freely design his or her life.

Basically,  the program teaches people how to procure proper ingredients by reading labels, how to choose the right poultry, meat, and vegetables, how to prepare food through kitchen strategies and recipes, and most importantly, provides a customized plan to suit the body’s long-term needs.

Deana Collins, 64, is one of the people who have testified on how the Baron Method transformed their lives (The method has helped almost a thousand individuals). She was previously overweight, with high cholesterol and blood chemistry levels, but is now living her best life.

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“I absolutely believe in the healing power of food, I’ve experienced it in my life, in my heart, in mind, body, soul,” says Deana, a strong believer of the program, after it helped her beat cancer.

Because of the increasing demand through endless stories of transformation, the first Baron Method Center in the country has opened its doors to the general public. Located on the ground floor of the Edsa Shangri-La Hotel, the Baron Method center aims to help people enjoy a better, healthier life, free from disease, through smarter food choices and overall health literacy.

The center offers a one-time food education program. People can learn how and what to look for in groceries, read labels, cook 28 recipes, create a sample meal calendar for a week, know which are the worst food ingredients, and receive a pantry-staple swap list. The six-month program itself includes a highly personalized eating plan based on an individual’s current state of health, goal, and daily schedule.

For more information about the Baron Method, you can follow their Facebook page or go to their website.

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