McDonald’s Paper Straws Cannot Be Recycled, Company Admits

McDonald’s has admitted that its new paper straws are not recyclable, while the plastic ones they replaced were.

In 2018, the fast food giant announced it would switch to paper straws in the United Kingdom and Ireland to protect the environment and cut down on the use of plastics. 

The straws were rolled out across 1,361 McDonald’s outlets in both countries after a trial last year.

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The US-based company said in a press release that the new straws were too thick to be processed by their recycling partners.

“While the materials are recyclable, their current thickness makes it difficult for them to be processed by our waste solution providers, who also help us recycle our paper cups,” a spokesman for the company told the Press Association news agency.

(Reuters / Manila Bulletin)

McDonald’s added that the paper straws should be put into general waste until further notice.

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