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You Can Devour Unlimited Wagyu at This New Japanese Buffet

Ever dreamed of a restaurant where you can eat all the delicious, healthy food you want for a very reasonable price?

The dream is real at Shaburi Kintan, a Japanese shabu-shabu concept that offers two restaurants under one roof: Shaburi, a Japanese shabu-shabu, and Kintan, a Japanese premium BBQ.

The brainchild of Tomoyoshi Nishiyama of Gyu-Kaku (the number one yakiniku restaurant in the world), Shaburi Kintan just opened its first store in Glorietta 2 in Makati. We have entrepreneur Hubert Young, the person who brought in the brand, to thank.

Young— confident in the Japanese’ dedication to impeccable quality and consistency — plans to open at least five to ten more restaurants in the coming years.

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at the opening of Shaburi and Kintan last July 9.

“I hope you would give Shaburi Kintan the support you have afforded UCC throughout the years,” the UCC Coffee Philippines, Inc. chief executive officer said. 

In a span of 20 years, Young has introduced and grown numerous Japanese food concepts including the UCC Coffee chain, Yamato, Coco Ichibanya, Mitsuyado House of Tsukemen, among others. 

Shaburi Kintan is a casual dining concept that allows diners to get interactive by letting them select from a roster of proteins, vegetables, and broths, and cook their own food table-side. 

It also streamlines what is an authentic Japanese experience to something palatable, quick and easy for Filipinos — without sacrificing taste. 

For the kintan buffet, there are four options: the Regular Buffet, Kintan Buffet, Premium Kintan Buffet, and Special Wagyu Buffet. Diners get to choose their type of rice and meat.

Young said that the best thing about cooking the meat in the Kintan setting is the modern griller that makes the smoke instantly dissipate. 

“The griller that we used to grill the food is also different from others. The exhaust is not a tube, it is sucked on the outside so you don’t go out smelling like barbeque,” he said. 

For the shabu-shabu buffet, meanwhile, has four choices of meat: the Regular Shabu, Special Shabu, Shaburi Wagyu, or Special Wagyu. What makes the shabu-shabu option different in the restaurant is that each customer gets his or her own pot of preferred soup or soups.

Broths will include beef pepper, original konbu; sukiyaki, a sweet soup; hot miso, for those who like it mild and spicy; chicken collagen paitan, which is good for the skin. 

Meat choices for both the kintan and shabu-shabu buffet include premium chicken, pork, and beef cuts.

“The great thing about Shaburi Kinta is it has a broad spectrum of market. You can customize your buffet depending on your budget. For office people, you can have a buffet for P415. That’s a two-plate course,” Young said.

“The most high-end one would be P1899. That includes the wagyu plus the unlimited buffet where you can have chicken karaage, gyoza, gyudon, chapchae, curry rice, unlimited UCC Coffee, Coke, Milo, Nestle,” he added.

Apart from the Philippines, Shaburi Kintan restaurants can be found in Indonesia, Taiwan, Cambodia, Singapore, and the United Kingdom.

Photos courtesy of Shaburi and Kintan Philippines.

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