Food Hack: Browned Butter

Whether you’re on a budget or are just plain cheap, we’ve got a small “food hack” that will help any budding baker pinch a few pennies without sacrificing too much quality.

For this food hack, we’ll be trying to replicate the browned butter we used in our previous cookie recipe by substituting butter for a handful of ingredients and a bit of ingenuity.


  • 1 brick or 2 sticks Compound butter (Butterlicious, Marquis, Ambassador, Cook & Bake, etc…)
  • 2 ½ tbsp Full Cream Powdered Milk, any brand (Jolly, Birch Tree, Anchor, Nido, etc…)
  • 1 pinch Instant Coffee (just a tiny pinch!)


1. Cut up the brick of compound into cubes and melt over a medium heat.

    1. Each brick normally weighs around 200 g., if your recipe calls for a brick of butter (227 g.), just add 27 g. of any cooking oil you have on hand.
    2. If you have shortening, add 27 g. of that AFTER the final step instead of cooking oil.
    3. Brand doesn’t really matter, but we’ve found Butterlicious to have the best aroma after the final step is done.

2. Bring compound to a slow simmer then add in powdered milk, and instant coffee, whisking continuously so that nothing clumps up.

    1. Be careful in this step, once you add the powdered milk, steam will start to boil off the pot, and it will sting if it comes in contact with your hand.

3. Cook until the mixture turns into a LIGHT caramel color.

Photo courtesy of Skinspired society.
    1. This should smell like browned butter at this point.
    2. You can place the bottom of the pot in an ice bath if you want to rapidly cool the mixture for immediate use.
    3. Add shortening in this step.
    4. While you can still use this once it cools down into a brick, we’ve found that using this at room temp. or slightly higher yields the best results.
    5. The browned milk solids might settle at the bottom. Whisk into a homogenous mixture before use.

While this definitely won’t be as good as real butter, it’s also only about P75-P80/recipe as compared to the usual; P119-P129/block of butter. This recipe can also be used in savory applications as a replacement for butter in brown roux.

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