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Up to One-Third of Women Date to Get a Free Meal, Suggests New Study

Call it new-age dating but nearly one out of four women go on dates not for the sake of romance and building a long-term relationship but for grabbing a free meal, according to new research from United States.

Led by Asuza Pacific University and University of California Merced, the small-scale study looked at 1,177 single heterosexual women using a survey composed of questions about their personalities, thoughts on traditional gender roles, and their personal foodie call histories. 

From the sample, researchers found that between 22 to 33 percent of them have engaged in a ‘foodie call,’ a phenomenon in which a person agrees to meet a date because of the meal he or she would get out of it, not the potential relationship. Among those, 27 percent said they did so occasionally, 21 percent said they did rarely, and 15 percent said they went on ‘foodie calls’ regularly.

The study also revealed that majority of respondents who expressed traditional gender role beliefs and find ‘foodie call’ acceptable were also more likely to exhibit psychopathic or narcissistic tendencies that could have contributed to their outlooks on dating for free food.

“Several dark traits have been linked to deceptive and exploitative behavior in romantic relationships, such as one-night stands, faking an orgasm, or sending unsolicited sexual pictures,” said Brian Collisson from Azusa Pacific University in a research paper appeared in the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science. 

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