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Cauliflower Fans Should Try This New Dish

SaladStop! joins the cauliflower movement and launches its latest seasonal menu item.

This vegetable is a hearty ingredient that has risen through the ranks of other popular nutrition-packed superfoods like the avocado and kale. Cauliflower rice may be the most famous dish that uses the powerful veggie, which is a great alternative for conventional grains.

Enter Caulifornia Dreamin’, a  limited offering from the healthy food chain. Available in salad and wrap variants, the new dish is excellent for both vegetarians and the health conscious. Made with romaine lettuce, red and white cabbage, broccoli, cherry tomatoes, roasted mushrooms, avocado, carrots, roasted peanuts, and the star ingredient: a cheesy cauliflower patty, which boasts of creamy and crunchy textures, and a tangy-savory flavor profile that tie all of the components together.

Caulifornia Dreamin’ is drizzled with lemongrass turmeric (another super ingredient) dressing that complements the savory flavor of the handmade patty. The peanut and carrot toppings provide a crunch, balancing out the creamy and soft texture of the avocado.

The wrap costs P375, while the salad costs P365. Both are available at all SaladStop! branches, except Ayala Tower 1, starting June 25.

For more information on the salad bowl or wrap visit www.saladstop.ph. Updates are also up on Facebook (/saladstopph) and Instagram (@saladstopph).

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