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The ‘Bhest’ Lasagna For Potluck Is Made With Laing

The flat pasta dish has been served at so many potluck gatherings in lots of “interesting” versions, but we found one made with laing that’s really the ‘Bhest.

Filipinos are festive people. We love to party, almost as much as we love to eat. Holiday or not, we always find an excuse to plan a get-together, and when the next party host asks us to bring potluck food, we could only hope to be more creative than the next bringer of pancit or lumpia.

Bhest Lasagnas.

If you’re tired of the generic Pinoy handa, then a bubbling casserole of flat pasta and cheese might be something to consider. That said, we recently discovered Bhest Lasagna, an online seller that makes decent lasagnas you could (and should) bring to your next potluck. Hindi ka mapapahiya. We got to try three flavors: Beef, Chicken, and Laing, which we ranked from good to Bhest, based on the taste buds of some of our office mates.

Good: Beef

It may be the least, but it’s still good. In fact, it’s so good that one of our colleagues who didn’t like lasagna, now loves the dish. One could describe it as a sweet and creamy “meat cake,” that’s packed with filling and white sauce, which make it a comforting meal.

Better: Chicken

It’s comparable to pastel and alfredo. Similar to the beef variant, this one also brims with stuffing, there are whole chicken chunks in every bite. There’s a burst of cheese flavor in the beginning followed by a hint of sweetness.

‘Bhest’: Laing

If you’re fond of the Bicolano dish, then this is definitely for you. Then again, even if you’re not a fan of laing, there’s a great chance you’ll still fall for this lasagna. It’s incredibly unique, healthy, local, and palatable. What’s not to like? It is so flavorful that you’d actually want to eat it with rice, and we’re not even exaggerating. Everyone who tried it agreed that it is one of the most delicious lasagnas they’ve tried.

These lasagnas are available in pan sizes extra small, good for two (P350); small, good for four to six (P600); medium, good for eight (P850); large, good for 12 (P1,200); and extra large, good for 20 (P2,200). If you want more sauce, you can purchase some for an extra P80. They also offer Bhestea in 24 oz. for P75.

For inquiries and orders, contact Bhest Lasagna on Facebook or via their mobile 0917 836 0160.

Photos by Roc Verdera.

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