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There is Now Strawberry-Flavored Soju by Hite Jinro

The South Korean liquor maker is releasing their latest flavored soju, Jinro Strawberry this month, which will only be available for the export market.

The launch of the new soju flavor is meant to strengthen the company’s fruit liqueur series abroad, following the success of Jinro Grapefruit.

Jinro Strawberry with an alcoholic content of 13 percent, will be the fourth in the fruit soju series after variants, Grapefruit, Green Grape, and Plum. It is also the second product developed exclusively for export.

They plan to release an initial 420,000 bottles of Jinro Strawberry to 18 countries including France, Thailand, China, Cambodia, Laos, and China.

Fruit soju series, photo from Shopee.

A 360 ml. bottle of the Jinro Strawberry costs $14.90 or P766, and is sold online on Lazada and Shopee, together with other existing flavors.

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