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Restaurant Forced To Close After Decomposing Body Leaks Through The Ceiling

Staff from the resto informed an officer about a strong smell in the kitchen and a suspicious red liquid leaking through its ceiling.

Officer Ryan Wilder was summoned to an apartment in Windsor, Connecticut, late May, when a woman reported about her neighbor who’s been missing for a few days. Wilder was on his way into the building, when a worker from Siam Corner Thai Kitchen stopped him and asked if he could check out the restaurant, too. The employee explained that there was a pungent scent in the kitchen and a strange liquid was leaking through the ceiling.

In the officer’s incident report, he wrote: “I went into the restaurant and discovered a reddish brown substance dripping from the ceiling located behind the front counter of the restaurant. It appeared that the dripping substance was possibly blood.”

Wilder went upstairs to the apartment—the same one which the concerned neighbor had called about—and banged on the door a few times, but didn’t get a response. When a second officer arrived, the two of them climbed through an unlocked window to investigate, and discovered a dead body. A man (whose name has not been released) apparently passed away in his bed.

“It was readily apparent that [name redacted] had been deceased for several days, as his body had begun stages of [decomposition],” Wilder noted. The two officers found his wallet and were able to identify him from his driver’s license photograph. WFSB reports, that the paramedics were called to the scene and, after an examination, speculates that the man died from natural causes. Although no one has confirmed exactly what that cause was, the police said that medications for heart failure and high blood pressure were found inside the apartment.

According to WTNH, a biohazard company was called in “for remediation,” which has already been accomplished. A day after the discovery, Siam Corner wrote on its Facebook page that the restaurant was closed for renovation. As of writing, the restaurant remains closed.

Siam Corner Thai Kitchen’s Salmon Teriyaki.

Siam Corner Thai Kitchen promises authentic Thai food in an inviting setting, and while reviewers don’t often mention the setting, they do get hype about the pho, the portion sizes, and the excellent service.

Photos courtesy of Siam Corner Thai Kitchen.

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