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Philippine Chocolate Makers Win in Academy of Chocolate Awards 2019

Three chocolate makers from our country achieved victory in the London-based competition.

Dalareich Foods, Auro Chocolate, and Malagos Agri-ventures Corporation brought honor to the country, as their chocolates were recognized at the 11th Academy of Chocolate Awards (AOC).

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***BREAKING STORY***. . Shortly after turning 2, we received some incredible news! ✨🗞✨ . We are happy, yet humbled to announce that we WON 10 international awards for this year’s prestigious Academy of Chocolate Awards! 🎉🎊. . It’s a proud moment for us and Philippine 🇵🇭 chocolate 🍫 as we take home: . . . 🥇1 GOLD 🥇. . 🥈 2 SILVERS 🥈. . And 🥉7 BRONZE Awards🥉. . We are always proud to showcase the persistence of everyone involved when it comes to making great chocolate. It definitely doesn’t come easy but we are eternally grateful to having such amazing farming partners who work so hard with us as we continuously strive to make better cacao and chocolate . . AND of course thank you to all of you guys! We wouldn’t be here without your continuous love and support ! . We’re always excited to keep learning and to keep getting better ! . . YEAR 3! LET’S GO! 🇵🇭❤️🍫. . . #academyofchocolate #proudlyfilipino #beantobar #singleorigin #chocolate #awardwinning #philippines #filipino #gold #silver #bronze #aurochocolate #academyofchocolate2019 #singleestatechocolate #beantobarchocolatemaker #buzzfeedph #dessert #singleoriginchocolate #singleoriginchocolatemaker #tastyph

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Founded in 2015 by five leading chocolate professionals in Britain, AOC recognizes the finest chocolates across the globe. Experts considered start up ventures, forward-looking entrepreneurs, and innovators in the industry, and had their products pass through scrutiny from appearance, depth of aroma and flavor, length and complexity. Based on these criteria, the chocolates were then separated into categories gold, silver, and bronze awards.

Dalareich 100% Unsweetened Chocolate and Auro Chocolate’s 100% Cacao Unsweetened Chocolate each received a Gold Award under the Drinking Chocolate – Plain, for milk-based drinks list. This is a first for our country, to bag gold in the prestigious international contest. Meanwhile, in the same bracket, Malagos Agri-ventures Corporation’s 100% Unsweetened Chocolate got a bronze award.

Malagos’ 100% Unsweetened Chocolate.

Here are other awards garnered by the our local brands clustered into their respective categories:

Tree to Bar
Auro’s 70% Dark Chocolate — Saloy Origin – Silver.
Auro’s 70% Dark Chocolate — Tupi Origin – Silver.
Auro’s 70% Dark Chocolate — Paquibato Origin – Bronze.
Malagos’ 72% Dark Chocolate – Heirloom HCP16 – Bronze.

Bean to Bar Season
Auro’s 64% Dark Chocolate with Cacao Nibs.

Milk Bean to Bar Flavored
Auro’s 42% Milk Chocolate with Cacao Nibs – Bronze.

White Bean to Bar Flavored
Auro’s 32% Mango White Chocolate with Pili Nut – Bronze.
Auro’s 32% Moringa White Chocolate with Pinipig – Bronze.

Caramel, Fruit, Milk Chocolate Spreads
Auro’s Roasted White Chocolate with Cashew Spread – Bronze.

Filled Chocolates
Malagos’ 72% Dark Chocolate Ganache – Bronze.

Plain Truffle
Malagos’ 72% Dark Chocolate Ganache – Bronze.

Alcohol Ganache
Malagos’ Rum Praline – Bronze.

Panned and Enrobed Fruit and Nuts
Almonds in Couverture Dark Chocolate – Bronze.

Dalareich Polot, proprietor of Dalareich Food Products, said, “If you consider our vision-mission, (with this win), we are getting there.” The company’s vision is to be the best chocolate maker that will put the Philippines, especially Bohol to the World’s Chocolate Map, while the mission is to produce world-class chocolates made from the highest quality and locally sourced cacao through education, innovation and sustainable production.

Dalareich Polot, proprietor of Dalareich Food Products. Photo lifted from Facebook.

100% Unsweetened Chocolate is a common chocolate product that is part of everyday food fare, the so-called tableya or concentrated chocolate that is made into hot and sweet chocolate drink that is paired with suman or rice cakes, Polot underscored. She also shared that the win is an opportunity for Filipinos to appreciate the tableya.

A computer engineer by profession, Dalareich explained that she decided to help her parents with the business as it is this venture that sustained her and her siblings schooling. She credits her mother, Elsa, who “really founded the Dalareich Tablea.”

Dalareich and her Mom, photo courtesy of the lonerider.

According to the AOC, there were many participants for this year’s Chocolate Awards –featuring producers from India, Slovakia and Vanuatu for the very first time– alongside products from more established chocolate making countries.

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