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‘Food Cubby’ Is For Those Who Don’t Like Their Food Touching

For the fussy eaters who don’t want their food clustered together.

Some folks don’t like their food mixing, and there’s no problem with that. In fact, there’s actually a condition called brumotactillophobia, that manifests as a phobia of food touching other food. For those with the phobia, a simple mix-up could potentially ruin a promising meal. Luckily, a couple of engineers worked their way to finding a practical solution to this mealtime nightmare. While child-friendly dishes that come with separators do exist, normal plates could now be equipped with stand-alone separators thanks to Food Cubby.

The gadget is a smile-shaped silicon rubber that acts as a food separator by keeping each food item on a plate in its own place. The Cubby comes in a two-pack and features a suction mechanism to stick to any plate. Its design makes it possible to push food easily without getting your hands dirty —a plus for parents.

This invention is not only popular for children, but special needs patients will also find it useful. Aside from those with the phobia, it also caters to people with sensory problems who find it hard to see, feel, or taste food that are mixed up.

Food Cubby is also dishwasher friendly, so cleaning it is less of a hassle than one would imagine. It can be ordered online for $14.99 (P780).

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