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Coca-Cola Is Waking up the Market with Coffee

The unholy union of coffee and soda in a can.

The carbonated soft drink manufacturer launched the coffee-flavored Coca-Cola BlāK in 2006. People hated it and it flopped, but that didn’t stop the company to resell the variant two years after.

Coca-Cola BlāK, photo courtesy of José Roitberg.

Now, because of evolving trends and palates, Coke thinks the public is ready, and is bringing BlāK back— sort of.

Over the years, a similar product has been released called the Coca-Cola Plus Coffee or Coca-Cola With Coffee in some other international markets. This variant actually contains more real coffee than BlāK did, and has more caffeine than a regular Coke.

At present, it is available in Spain, Italy, Australia, and Poland, among other countries. According to one of Coke’s spokespersons, they plan to make the drink available in 25 international markets by the end of the year. The company hasn’t committed to bringing the product to the US. But it’s “optimistic about the potential for the beverage” in the country, said spokesperson added.

Coca-Cola’s global chief marketing officer of sparkling beverages, Javier Meza, said that the product may reach America next year. “Coca-Cola With Coffee is not a concept that consumers were expecting,” he shared. This is a good thing as Coke needs to keep innovating with its flagship product to succeed.

Coca-Cola is shrinking cans as a means to reduce calories without altering taste, and launching new flavors under the Coke brand, like the Plus Coffee to boost soda sales. It tastes quite similar to coffee-flavored candy, just as sweet as the original flavor but with an added coffee kick.

How do you feel about the new variant?

Photos courtesy of the Coca-Cola Company.

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