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We Need To Help Our Mango Farmers!

Mango farmers in the Philippines are producing about 100 tons per week this season, and these fruits need to go somewhere.

Philippine mangoes are internationally recognized because of their sweetness. They are adored overseas, and of course, here in our country. But the sad-bitter truth is that recent harvests of the fruit are in danger of going to waste.

Remember the photo of tons and tons of locally grown tomatoes found in a waste dumpsite last year? Farmers in Laguna had no choice but to throw away their produce — just imagine how hard it is for someone to toil and grow tomatoes but get nothing out of their effort. This also deprives traders opportunities to profit.

Photo courtesy of chef Jam Melchor.

These local mangoes can be bought at P25,000 per four tons (that’s one truck load), while those that are export grade are worth P50,000.

Call the Department of Agriculture’s main office at (02) 925 3795 so that they can link you directly to these mango producers.

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