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Krispy Kreme In Thailand Reveals New Salted Egg Doughnut

The doughnut chain’s new offering marries two morning favorites into a creamy treat that is both sweet and salty.

Krispy Kreme just loves releasing limited-edition flavors, and the latest custom creation has just been introduced in Thailand.

The Salted Egg Filled Ring doughnut is stuffed with “lava egg,” a gooey custard made with egg yolks, sugar, milk, and salt.

As you can imagine, the doughnut’s runny custard imparts a hint of saltiness to it.

If you’re really into the creamy, salted-egg flavor, there’s also a salted-egg macchiato available in all Krispy Kreme Thailand branches.

The doughnut was launched in May 16, and will be available until June 30. As of writing there are no news whether the doughnut will be released internationally.

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