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Popeyes Philippines Opens Tomorrow, May 16

The world-famous brand has unveiled its new global restaurant image in the Philippines, marking the ArcoVia City branch in Pasig as the first of its kind in the country and in the world.

Most of us have heard about how the US fast food chain is going to be relaunched and redeveloped in our country by Kuya J Group. It has only been a year since the word first spread, and now, Popeyes is already reopening in ArcoVia.

“Popeyes is something new to Kuya J Group. We’re a Filipino casual dining restaurant and we want to bring a new addition to that restaurant portfolio. QSR or quick service restaurant is something new. As you can see we are very well prepared in executing and operating it, considering the world class commissary, people, and executives supporting the entire group,” said Chief Finance Officer of Kuya J Group, Francis Reyes.

Mr. Francis Reyes, CFO of Kuya J Group.

He explained, “What we’re bringing here is the big and bold flavors from Louisiana. These are really good dishes starting from the original recipe to the spicy chicken which we prepared freshly. We’re really proud of our chicken.

Their chicken now comes with rice.

“Filipinos love their chicken. All of us would want to have the best-tasting chicken regardless of where it came from, and Popeyes will give you a different flavor. A flavor that is loved by many across the globe, and hopefully the Filipinos would love us as well,” Francis added.

Fans of Popeyes will find a hip and more vibrant restaurant that can seat 298 people.  They will serve the sought-after Louisiana chicken, as well as some new food items specially made with the reopening.

Popeyes Spaghetti.

The new treats include two delightful flavors of biscuits, hazelnut and white chocolate; and Popeyes spaghetti, a sweet-meaty meal made to fit the Filipino palate, exclusive in our country.

Francis also said, “The heritage and history of Louisiana is influenced by a lot of culture, particularly, French culture. It’s evident in New Orleans, so you’d see it in our store. The culture is embedded in the food, and that’s what we are trying to make Filipinos appreciate.”

(l-r) White Chocolate, Hazelnut, and Sweet Honey Biscuits.

Popeyes is expecting to have 20 more branches by the end of the year, popping up all over Metro Manila.

The new Popeyes store can be found in ArcoVia City, 9 E. Rodriguez Avenue, Ugong, Pasig City.

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