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The World Street Food Congress Is Cancelled… Again

Just like last year, this year’s World Street Food Congress (WSFC) in the Philippines has been cancelled.

The event that celebrates the cultural identity of countries through street food, won’t be happening again this year.

Huge crowd from WSFC 2017.

It was reported in February that the culinary occasion would take place October this year. However, on May 14, the organization announced on Facebook that their annual event has been called off.

Pastry from WSFC 2017.

According to the WSFC, they have already invested six months worth of leg work, inviting chefs, cooks, and vendors from 14 countries. They have also started work with culinary colleges in the Philippines.

Vloggers were also present during the WSFC 2017.

The recent post states WSFC’s apology to those involved and clarifies that they have, in fact, a good working relationship with the Tourism Promotions Board (TPB) and Department of Tourism (DOT).

WSFC’s Facebook post.

Founder of WSFC, KF Seetoh, said in an exclusive with MBites, “I think TPB and DOT can do better to give the international media and F&B community the same respect and support they had given them. I hope they do not hold against the Phil. govt for their attitude here.”

Founder of WSFC, KF Seetoh.

Also according to the post, WSFC is the one who suggested our country to be featured on the new Netflix series Street Food, which allowed significant clamor in favor of our cuisine.

Two years ago, WSFC was a huge success, as they made waves with the special appearance of none other than the beloved, late Anthony Bourdain.

Outside of the WSFC 2017.

The event was held in our country for two consecutive years, that is until it got cancelled in 2018.

For more information, you may contact them at contact@wsfcongress.com. WSFC is also on Facebook.

Photos courtesy of World Street Food Congress

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