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They Actually Sell Hot Pot-Flavored Toothpaste In China

Dental hygiene with a spicy tingle.

Chinese toothpaste company Leng Suan Ling (冷酸灵), collaborates with hot pot chain Xiao Long Kan (小龙坎), to create a line of limited-edition hot pot-flavored toothpastes which come in medium-spicy, Sichuan-spicy, and absurdly-spicy variants.

On the first few days, the toothpaste sold 4000 sets, leaving about 300 pieces left available in the market. These can be bought for 30 yuan ($4.40 or P230).

A doctor from Nanjing, Dr. Zhu advised that this toothpaste is only suitable for healthy people, and it’s not advisable for those with sensitive gums and oral ulcers since it may potentially worsen the inflammation.

If you want to hop on the bandwagon, you can only get the product from Chinese online stores.

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