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Double Down Replaced With No Shell, All Chicken Taco

KFC, a brand known for their best-of-both worlds, crazy creations like the Double Down, Famous Bowl, and Original Recipe Crackling, unveils its latest and boldest mash-up yet.

The Chaco (Chicken taco), is a no shell, all chicken rendition of the Mexican dish. The fast food chain explains the new food item, “It has all of our favorite ingredients which deliver that authentic taco flavor that leaves people craving more.”

Technically speaking, it’s KFC’s signature original recipe chicken fillet, filled with shredded lettuce, salsa, taco mayo, corn, then topped with grated cheese.

Chaco comes in ala carte for P99; combo meal which has fries and drinks for P145; and fully loaded meal that has one piece chicken and spaghetti, all for P219. It will be available in all KFC stores nationwide, starting May 9.

They also deem it as the “big boss” of Tacos. We’ll let you decide whether or not it is.

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