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Raw Steak Left In Car For Hours Cooks To Well Done

An employee of the Mildura Dockside Café in Victoria, left steak inside an automobile to cook in order to raise awareness about the dangers of overheating cars.

Australia is hot AF as their record-breaking heatwave continues this year. Apparently, it’s become so hot, you could actually leave raw meat in a car and come back to find it cooked to well-done.

On the café’s Facebook page, they posted three images, one of a raw steak in a metal tin left in the car and two more of the steak cooked brown right through. The post claims the steak was left in the car at 11AM and returned to at 4PM—so it had sat in the vehicle as temperatures were reported to have soared to 46 Celsius.

Here’s the exact post:

Many were skeptical of the authenticity of the post, but the page responded to the negative comments with: “I also wasn’t sure what would happen when I put it in there either. I was just as shocked at the result as many others have been.”

The statement continues, “I also believe we’re straying from my initial reason for doing such a thing, I wanted to remind people how dangerous this heat can be and that as a community we should be looking out for one another and keeping each other safe.”

Temperatures in south and central Australia reached heights of 48 Celsius as the country experiences a record-breaking heatwave.

Photos courtesy of Mildura Dockside Cafe.

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