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Cebu Lechon, But In A Can!

For your single-serving Cebu Lechon cravings.

Elarz Lechon has been roasting juicy pigs for almost 14 years, gaining popularity for their customizable lechon. They have four kinds: Original classic Elarz Lechon; Lagablab with sili labuyo; Zupremo, that has their special blend of herbs and spices; and Zebu, a take on Cebu’s flavorful roasted suckling pig. You can choose to add stuffing like Moroccan, binagoongan, paella, and sisig.

Original classic Elarz Lechon, photo courtesy of Onin Aquino.

But what really makes them a cut above the rest is their canned versions of the roasted suckling pigs called, Lechon De Lata. The restaurant currently has five variants (very similar to their lechon offerings), namely Original, Lagablab, Zebu, Zupremo, and Paksiw na Lechon.

All variants of Lechon De Lata.

According to the restaurant, the best way to cook their canned lechon is extra crispy. This could be achieved by cooking it until the sauce dries up entirely. The treat is best paired with carbs, fluffy white rice or pasta.

Cooked Lechon De Lata, photo lifted from YouTube.

A can could feed two to four people, and only costs P170 each. They also sell it in boxes at P4080. At the moment, they are currently working on making the Lechon De Lata available in select convenience stores and groceries.

You can purchase the Elarz Lechon’s Lechon De Lata online, and at their store at 20 Speaker Perez Street, Brgy. Lourdes, Quezon City.

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