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This Tequila Hotel Lets You Sleep in a Giant Barrel and Drink Lots of Booze

In Mexico, a hotel with barrel shaped buildings lets guests take a shot at or shots of the local flavors.

Tequila lovers will have their minds blown when they discover Matices Hotel de Barricas in Tequila, Mexico.

The place offers the ultimate tequila-inspired break with guests treated to a tour and testing session when they get to drink local alcohol.

There are traditional rooms inside barrel-shaped cabins where patrons could stay for their visit. Obviously, these chambers have their own mini bar.

For some delicious regional food, there’s also a restaurant built in a cave five meters underground.

The hotel is just a ten minute walk from central Tequila, and is a 45-minute drive away from Central Guadalajara. Prices start from about £150 (P10,080) a night.

Photos by Matices Hotel Barricas

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