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This Creative Milk Bottle Shows Cows Being Abducted

Perhaps many of us now are not familiar with the alien abduction folklore of 1897. Nonetheless, people are likely to moon over this out of this world design.

Kyrgyzstan-based design agency, Imedia Creative Bureau, has developed quirky new packaging for the Molocow milk company, depicting the famous legend of a Kansas cow’s alien abduction.

The conical glass vessel’s playful design mimics a beam that leads up to its UFO-shaped plastic cap, capturing an ascending cow which is printed as a logo on the front. The sleek, translucent packaging also emphasizes the fresh, pure quality of the product, elevating the beverage from standard to stellar.

Imedia released a statement about their design, “Molocow is a fun concept package for milk, their team had us reimagine milk bottles and packaging to appeal to kids… by creating a fun way to pack milk in an out of this world fashion.”

This “spacial edition” milk remained a concept, and was never formally released in the United States. Too bad, we wanted to experience some sort of Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

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