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These Tortilla Blankets are the Best Way to Get Cozy Like A Burrito

Tortilla blankets come in an adult size wraps and baby swaddles.

Did you ever want to get so cozy you wrap yourself up in a blanket and pretend to be a giant burrito? Foodies and blanket connoisseurs alike are going crazy over the tortilla blanket from Etsy.

Viral post of the blanket by Reddit user Kotay.

The five-foot-round blankie costs $42.02 (P2,170). It is made from 100 percent soft microfiber and the tortilla pattern is printed on both sides.

Babies can also turn into the Mexican staple thanks to Bon Vivant Baby, a California-based company, which makes food-inspired fashion for infants. Their first product the tortilla-inspired swaddling blanket, comes with a matching cap and costs $48 (P2,480).

The tortilla blanket and a real tortilla.

The cotton-polyester blend baby blanket was created by Katharine Harlan Owens. It is hand-sewn in Brooklyn, New York. She says, “It’s just a cute fun way to make your baby look edible.”

Taco Booties.

The product is recommended for babies up to four months while the cap is for up to three months.

To complete the look, you can also buy a $25 (P1,295) taco booties by Gulnara Kydyrmyshova.

Time to order and nap family style!

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