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Swiss Government Says Coffee Isn’t Essential in Life

The Swiss government plans to halt the stockpiling of emergency coffee, after announcing that it is not a human necessity.

Between the first and second World War, Switzerland began storing emergency reserves of coffee. They have continued to do so to combat shortages caused by natural disasters, epidemics, and war.

Bern, Switzerland.

They currently have 15,300 tonnes saved up, enough to last the country three months.

The Swiss now hope to end this practice come late 2022. However, opposition is mounting.

Coffee is “not essential for life” so it does not need to be part of emergency reserves, declared the government.

Swiss Federal Office for National Economic Supply, said, “Coffee contains almost no calories and therefore does not contribute, from a physiological perspective, to safeguarding nutrition.”

The east wing of the Federal Palace of Switzerland, seen from south (Berne, Switzerland). Photo courtesy of Mike Lehmann.

Some were not happy about the news.

Overseer of Switzerland’s stockpile, Reservesuisse, explained that 12 out of 15 companies which stockpile coffee in the country want to continue.

According to the International Coffee Organization, a Swiss would consume roughly 9 kg. or 20 lbs. per year. This is almost triple the consumption of Britain.

The proposal is already up for public comment, and the final decision will be given in November.

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