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Meet KFC’s Instagram Star, Colonel the Virtual Influencer

Virtual Influencers are the new talents companies use to establish brand identity.

Celebrities and influencers can be a handful. Yes, they may have a huge following and know how to make things look cool and all… However, they can also say and do dumb things online. They’re only human—until they’re not.

Virtual influencers are artificially generated personalities without human unpredictability.

KFC is now in on the virtual influencer action! They didn’t spend on emerging cyber celebrities Lil Miquela, Shudu, or Blowko though. Instead, they created their own fictional fashionista imbued with the spirit of the chain’s founder, Colonel Sanders.

Digitally rendered by Wieden + Kennedy Portland, Virtual Influencer Colonel started out as a generic 3D model.

The AI construct is the newly reimagined reboot of Harland Sanders who lives his best life, captured in regrammable content, as seen on KFC’s Instagram feed.

When he’s not flexing his abs, branded tatts, and philosophies, he’s “connecting with nature”.

Virtual Influencer Colonel also has sponsors. Shout out to Dr. Pepper,
TurboTax, and Old Spice!

Virtual Influencer Colonel in his Old Spice Ad.

Photos lifted from KFC‘s Instagram Account.

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