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Jewel Changi Airport Food Finds

Jewel Changi Airport is finally opening, and it houses Shake Shack, Burger & Lobster, A&W Restaurant, and the biggest Starbucks Reserve in Singapore.

The Jewel Changi Airport (Jewel), will official open in April 17. The new structure includes gardens, attractions, a hotel, aviation facilities, and 300 retail and dining establishments. Did we mention, there’s a Pokemon centre too?

Photo lifted from YouTube.

This is great news not only for travelers, but to foodies as well.

Singaporeans can now enjoy Shake Shack as it establishes its first branch in the island city-state. The menu is similar to the one in the US and South Korea with food items like the ‘Shroom Burger, Shack-cago Dogs and of course, their signature ShackBurger. They also have goodies exclusive to Singapore, such as pandan shakes and a mango dessert.

Photo courtesy of Daniel Ang.

Here’s a peek at the Singapore-exclusive items:

The Pandan Shake has frozen vanilla custard blended with pandan and coconut, then topped with a generous serving of gula Melaka crumble. The beverage costs $7.80 (P405). It is believed to be inspired by popular local foods such as pandan chiffon cake, ondeh ondeh and kaya toast.

Pandan Shake, photo courtesy of Sethlui.

Jewel Melaka is composed of Vanilla custard mixed with coconut salted caramel, chocolate chunks from local brand Lemuel, shortbread and gula Melaka.

Jewel Melaka, photo courtesy of Florence Fong.

There is also It Takes Two To Mango, a dessert that was inspired by the very popular mango sago pudding.

It Takes Two To Tango, photo courtesy of Many How.

UK chain Burger & Lobster gets a spot at the topmost floor of the airport, called Canopy Park. The park has a spectacular view of the verdant landscaping, and a majestic 40-metre high rain vortex—the world’s tallest indoor waterfall yet. The restaurant will be open from 9AM to 3AM everyday, making it a great supper spot for night owls.

A&W Restaurant also reopens in Singapore. The all-American resto offers Root Beer Float, Coney Dogs, Curly Fries and Waffle Ice Cream. It is set to publicly open on April 17, Wednesday, and will operate 24 hours daily.

Needless to say every airport comes with a coffee shop. Starbucks has also unveiled the newest Reserve flagship store, and it’s the biggest in Singapore. The new two level store is decked out in its signature classic wood furnishings with touches of lush greens, matching the interior of the airport’s modern and nature-filled interior.

Coffee lovers have more options of fragrant coffee beans and brewing methods from Pour Over, Coffee Press, Siphon Brew, to Chemex.

The coffee shop also partnered with local ice-cream parlour, Udders, to create caffeinated drinks that combine the richness of coffee and sweetness of ice cream, such as Classic Affogato, Cold Brew Malt and Cold Brew Float.

Cold Brew Malt.

A four-tap Nitro Brew is available too. This is only the second in Asia. There’s Nitro Flat White, Nitro Green Tea Latte, Nitro Caramel Macchiato, and Nitro Tropical Fruit Tea.

For food, some of the dishes with local flairs are the Milo Chocolate Tiramisu, Satay Chicken Ciabatta and Hainanese Chicken Rice Quinoa Salad.

(L-R) Satay Chicken Ciabatta, Milo Chocolate Tiramisu, and Hainanese Chicken Rice Quinoa Salad.

The new shop is almost like an amusement park for coffee. There’s a gift shop area that sells coffee brewing accessories and other lifestyle items like tumblers, totes, and pouches.

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