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BRB. Reverse Summoning Jutsu-ing Ourselves To Ramen Ichiraku

It’s time to get your kunai sharpened, tool bag packed, and headband polished because we’re going on an S-Rank mission to Shanghai! Ramen Ichiraku, the world’s first officially licenced Naruto-themed restaurant recently opened its Eight Inner Gates to the world, and aspiring shinobi from all nations are running with their arms stretched behind them.

The academy students among you might not know this, but Ichiraku Ramen actually exists, and was a favorite haunt for Naruto mangaka Masashi Kishimoto during his college years in Japan’s Fukuoka prefecture.

Photo courtesy of つだ だいき.

Ramen Ichiraku initially opened its doors on February 2019, at Shanghai’s Global Harbor mall. While you don’t have to do anything as hard as a Chūnin Exam or as ridiculous as hand seals, your mental fortitude will be tested as the lines forming at the door sprawl as far and wide as Sakura’s forehead.

Photo courtesy of Bad Churchill.

Now please excuse us as we try to get our messenger toad to reverse-summon us to the front of the queue!

Banner photo courtesy of 純屬分享 好玩.

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