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Lechon, Kare-kare, and Crispy Pata Make It to The World’s Top 100 Dishes

Online food database Taste Atlas, published a list of the top 100 dishes in the world last March 9, and included in the catalog are three favorite Filipino dishes namely lechon (roasted suckling pig), kare-kare (meat and vegetable stew in thick savory peanut sauce), and crispy pata (deep fried pig knuckle).


The global food map Taste Atlas promotes local culinary culture of countries all over the globe. It calls itself a “world atlas of food and drinks.” The website has about 10,000 entries of region-specific dishes, drinks, and ingredients, which the founder explained, is collated by his personal team of researchers and editors who put together the database based on articles they find both in newspapers and magazines.

Lechon in a roast pit, photo courtesy of Arcade.

One of the acclaimed national dishes of the Philippines, the adobo — meat, seafood, or vegetables marinated in vinegar, soy sauce, garlic, and black peppercorns — was not found in the tally. However, it is included in another list that shows widely loved national dishes of countries.

Pork and Chicken Adobo.

Other Asian cuisines that made it to the cut are Thailand’s pad thai and som tam (papaya salad), Singapore’s laksa and char kway teow, Malaysia’s nasi lemak, Indonesia’s satay and rendang, Vietnam’s pho, and Japan’s sushi.

Check out the list here.

Banner photo is a Crispy Pata dish.

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