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We’re Going Nuts Over Happy Peanut Spread

Remember that snack you used to munch on as a kid or devour now as a beer-drinking young adult? It now comes as a peanut spread.

Yes, you read that right. Happy Peanut, arguably the country’s leading peanut snack brand, has in fact a spread that contains the same crunchy peanuts found in their munch packs.

Photo courtesy of Ria Rivera.

In a Facebook post, Ria Rivera shares a proof of the product’s existence and her amusement over the discovery. “May peanut butter pala sila,” she writes.

Rebisco, its original manufacturer and distributor, says the seed-based confectionery is “made from roasted peanuts with less to no oil, rich peanut taste, very smooth texture, and a non-dry, hassle-free peanut spread consistency from start to finish.”

Photo courtesy of SM Supermarket.

While there is no definitive list of locations on where the item is available for purchase, Rivera says that the 450-gram peanut spread retails for P81 at a local supermarket in Antipolo City.

Photo courtesy of Jun Jun Banguis.

The best part? “Masarap siya [kahit] mura lang,” she shares.

How many jars are you hoarding on your next grocery trip? We’ll take ten for sure.

The original article was first published in MB Life.

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