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Zomato PH Introduces New Gold Powerpacks Membership Plan

In 2017, the Indian restaurant search and discovery service launched an exclusive dine out and social drinking membership program called Gold which extends special perks to users. A year later, it became available to 11 new cities including Manila, pulling the global grand total to 23. In a little over two months, the program crossed 100,000 memberships and gained more than 1200 partner restaurants. Manileños could enjoy 1+1 on Food and 2+2 on Drinks in more than 600 restaurants in Metro Manila, anytime, any day.

Now, Zomato offers Gold Powerpacks. These are ‘unlock’ packs that may be purchased based on your dining out habits. In the simplest explanation possible, it’s a consumable Gold membership. If you don’t eat out very often, or perhaps unsure of how many times you will end up using Gold over a fixed period of time, or simply just want to test out Gold, then consider this “food currency.”

A start pack allows you to use member benefits — 2+2 on drinks or 1+1 on food — thrice at any Gold partner restaurant. These unlocks have no expiry date, which means you can enjoy the benefits as and when you want.

If you like more unlocks in your kitty, there’s another option to upgrade to medium pack that has 10 unlocks and again, no expiry.

And if you final decide to commit, the annual Gold membership plan with unlimited usage, is still available.

If you’ve been wondering whether or not Gold is for you, this will make it easier for you to decide. So really, the power is in your hands!

For more information visit the Zomato Philippines instagram at @zomatoph.

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