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Filipino Tourists Prank Ice Cream Man

Among the trending food videos online, clips of Dondurma vendors playing tricks on customers are one of the funniest we’ve witnessed. The traditional Turkish ice cream is famous for its hard texture and resistance to melting, which is how ice cream makers could find time to tease unsuspecting children and foreigners whenever they serve the cold treat.

Watching people chase after the dessert is quite amusing, however, we’ve seen the charade too many times that it’s getting kind of old. Luckily, we found an even more hilarious footage, this time around it’s the vendor who gets played.

Traditional Maras Ice Cream, photo courtesy of shinu.

Isaiah Uy and his friend Renzo were exploring the Walking Street of Pattaya, Thailand, when they stumbled upon a Dondurma stall. Before anything else, they weren’t exactly sober, so mischief was already brewing.

Aware of all the moves and gimmicks, the two ordered and decided to play a prank on the ice cream man. As the vendor placed a gigantic chunk of ice cream on the cones, Renzo yanked the frozen food.

What happened after the video was cut? “My friend told me he pulled as hard as he can to no avail. The ice cream was too sticky. But had it broke we would have ran with the whole thing.”  Isaiah jokingly said. He adds, “He was just charged extra for it. Was it worth it tho? Definitely.”

And in the words of Isaiah we end on this note: “Money is temporary but drunk stories are forever.”

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