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Stomach to Stomach: Mikael Daez and Megan Young

Most people believe that partners of the same wavelength end up having a long and successful relationship. If this holds true, celebrity couple Mikael Daez and Megan Young are very much destined to be together forever.

For our Valentine’s special, we invited the beautiful twosome to cook a romantic dinner for each other, using a limited budget and ingredients procured from a convenience store. But before going through the task, we interviewed them separately, to uncover more of their relationship with food and each other.

How did you guys meet and become a couple?

  • Megan during the convenience store challenge.

Megan: We met backstage at an event. He happened to be literally in the closet. I was looking for the bathroom, and then out comes this guy who was hiding because it was so cold. Ako din nilalamig, so he lent me his jacket. Kinilig siya.

Mikael: I was working. One of the first few gigs I had after college was walking for fashion shows and Megan was hosting the fashion show that I was in. During rehearsals, it was super cold in the event’s space, no one was there. I was hiding in the closet, I guess Megan was feeling cold so she was looking for a place to hide also? She opened the closet I was in and I said, “Hey, need a jacket?” And then she took it and closed the door.

Do you cook?

Megan cooking scrambled eggs on low heat.

Megan: I cook at home, mostly healthy food, mga pagkain na “walang lasa”. My specialty would be scrambled eggs, but recently I’ve been cooking this lentil soup that Mikael loves. It’s heavy and hearty but it’s also packed with nutrients.

Mikael: Yes, I do cook. And I think the very first meal that I cooked on the stove would probably be when I was six or seven years old, up to this day I still cook the same thing… Scrambled eggs, baby!

Should you spend a lot on Valentine’s?

Mikael shows his mad flipping skills.

Megan: For me, a romantic meal doesn’t have to be expensive.

Mikael: Flat-out no. I don’t believe in spending on any occasion. Be it your anniversary, Christmas, birthday, Valentine’s, whatever it may be. There was this one year when I was so strict with Megan that I gave us a one hundred peso budget. So we limited our gift to each other to a hundred pesos. It worked out pretty well.

What is a romantic dish?

  • Megan cooked scrambled eggs and glazed luncheon meat for Mikael.

Megan: As long as it’s something that both you and your partner enjoy eating, like if it’s your favorite food. I think that’s pretty romantic in itself. Even if we have scrambled eggs for a date, we’d be completely fine with that.

Mikael: Most people might serve strawberry dipped in chocolate, for me it would be something with history. For Megan and I, I would actually serve her scrambled eggs, because I’ve cooked for her before and she found it funny that the first thing I made was something as simple as scrambled eggs. When I serve that to her, it reminds us of the connection that we have, all the history and experiences. That’s very romantic.

Since you guys have been together for eight years, do you remember all the Valentine’s dinners you’ve had?

Megan: We don’t really celebrate Valentine’s, we’re non-traditional in that sense. But I do remember that there’s one Valentine’s that I did prepare for Mikael, probably our first or second Valentine’s. I made him a meal, and as soon as he entered the door I gave him a blue flower. Guys, promise, kinilig siya don. Hindi ko alam kung naalala niya pero ako una nagpa-Valentine’s samin.

Mikael: There’s four years I’m pretty sure we did not do anything. We don’t really celebrate Valentine’s cause it’d be so, so traffic. There was this one year, however, when she was the one who cooked for me. I would usually be the one to give her a lot of things, but then I challenged her. “Why don’t you do something sweet or romantic for me?” This was the time she bought me flowers and made me a fruit salad.

Photos shot in JoyNostalg Hotel & Suites Manila.

Photos by Kevin Tristan Espiritu.

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