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Pizza Appreciation Post

The comforting circle often sliced into eight triangles is just the beginning—or should we say—just the topping of pizza. Here, we are going deep into the dish.

A slice of life

Pizza was birthed in Italy. It’s believed that during late 1800s, Raffaele Esposito, an Italian baker, invented pizza as a dish for the visiting royals. Raffaele, wanting to impress his guests, chose to serve flatbread with the country’s colors: red (tomato), white (mozzarella), and green (basil).

Despite its humble beginnings, there are present day pizzas that cost $12,000! Like the Louis XIII Pizza. Considered to be the most expensive pizza in the world, the dough is made from organic Arabian flour with Murray River pink salt. This particularly pie takes 72 hours to prepare, and is topped with three rare types of caviar, Norweigan lobster, and seven cheeses.

The economic pie

The pizza industry shares a huge slice in the pie graph of gross sales coming from the food industry.  Those gross shares are also cut in terms of the leading companies that tally the most sales that contribute to the industry. Among the several household pizza houses are Papa John’s International and Domino’s Pizza. But in terms of pizza sales domination, Pizza Hut reigns supreme. With its total gross sales of $14,100,000,000 for the year 2017, it’s been the most successful pizza chain in the world for three years straight.

Louis XIII Pizza.

Even though the pizza industry enjoys huge sales internationally, it’s not the same in the Philippines. According to Philippines Pizza Market Report for the year 2017, albeit the decline in total annual sales, the pizza market still maintains an average annual growth of 3.05%. From this rate, the 53 million-dollar market is expected to reach 67 million dollars by 2021.

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