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Fast Food Store Sets Up Queues According to Relationship Status

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and while tons of restaurants have prepared promos for the occasion, a certain McDonald’s branch goes with a very different gimmick.

The store along Calamba Highway in Laguna made waiting in line more interactive, by having customers queue according to their relationship status: single, heartbroken, or happily committed.

The Facebook page of the said branch shared the news a couple of days ago, and has since become viral.

They said on their post, “Wherever you line up as long as it’s at McDonald’s Calamba Highway, we love you.”Some of the other signages include lines for people ready to mingle; those who have loved and gotten hurt; and for the happily committed or have their “forever” person. There’s even a “line for marurupok” a post that gained the most likes and shares.

Where are you lining up?

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