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Megacorporations In Testing Phase For Reusable Packaging

Many of the world’s biggest companies like PepsiCo and Nestlé, are going green, rolling out reusable packages for products in an attempt to eliminate single-use plastics. Still in its planning stages, TerraCycle’s program, Loop, is vital in reducing carbon emissions and plastic pollution.

Beginning May, Häagen-Dazs by Nestlé, will come in refillable stainless steel tins, while PepsiCo will start selling Quaker cereal in steel containers, and Tropicana orange juice in glass bottles.

The initiative is made in partnership with recycling company TerraCycle, and aims to have consumers lessen, if not withdraw entirely from the use of single-use plastics.

CEO of TerraCycle, Tom Szaky. Photo courtesy of Mark Kauzlarich.

Currently in its pilot phase, the TerraCycle program will be available to 5,000 shoppers in New York and Paris this May. It will expand to London indefinitely, and to 10 other cities including Tokyo and Toronto by 2020.

Photo courtesy of TerraCycle.

It works like this: chosen consumers who’ll participate in the trial will have the chance to get hundreds of products online. These products will come in nothing more than a reusable tote bag. When the containers are emptied, TerraCycle picks them up, cleans them, and deliver refilled containers back.

Despite being in its initial stages, the move suggests a future where the obligation for changing consumption habits is shouldered by corporations instead of individuals.

Banner photo courtesy of Brinson+Banks.

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