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A Cruciferous Concert

Vegetables, also known as “the food my food eats” as Ron Swanson proudly puts it, can be used in more imaginative ways than simply chopping them up and gobbling them down.

Sweet Potato and pumpkin crafted instruments.

With Vegan-uary in full swing, we thought to give you, our readers a new way to enjoy your delicious veggies—through music!

In case you’ve been living under a rock, Weezer’s cover of “Africa”, and the ensuing “bromance” between the two bands have brought the song back into the limelight, with it appearing in many a playlist.

Weezer‘s cover of Africa by Toto, photo lifted from the music video.

But what does this have to do with vegetables, you ask? Well, musician/craftsman Toni Patanen of the YouTube channel Pupsi has recently uploaded a video of him playing the song using sweet potatoes and a pumpkin! If old rock anthems aren’t your thing, he also has a cover of Future’s “Mask Off” and Darude’s “Sandstorm!”

We all know the health benefits that vegetables can bring, so much so, in fact, that simply keeping a healthy lifestyle and diet can help prevent multiple unwanted trips to the doctor. That said, the irony isn’t lost on J.Views who covered Massive Attack’s “Teardrop,” or as medical drama enthusiasts call it, “the theme song from House.”

Andrew Huang serves up a whimsical rendition of Bruno Mars’ “24k Magic” in his cover “24 Carrot Magic,” by playing the background music with multiple carrots and singing.

The Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra might have a run for its money with the Vienna Vegetable Orchestra and their quirky herbaceous arrangements.

While listening to vegetables may be a fun new way to savour our produce, we at MBites still believe in enjoying them the good old fashioned way—through our mouths!

Banner photo lifted from Pupsi‘s music video.

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