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People Beat Alcohol Ban By Making Their Own Island

The beach town of Whangamata in New Zealand has always been a place for teens to view the fireworks display and to party out just before the New Year’s countdown. However, this year, a public drinking ban was imposed over the holiday to lessen “drunken casualties.” A bunch of cunning, alcohol-loving blokes went out of their way to beat the system by building their own booze island off the coast of the Coromandel Peninsula.

A view of Whangamata.

It was made out of sand, seashells, and a couple of wooden planks. The group crafted the piece of land while it was low tide, even placing a picnic table and a cooler so they could have their celebration on “international waters.”

One of the revelers, Leon Hayward, shared to the media that while everyone else were getting weird at some sh*tty club or at the Times Square Olive Garden, he and his cohorts were out at sea.

Thames-Coromandel mayor, Sandra Goudie. Photo courtesy of Thames-Coromandel District Council.

Local authorities applaud the craftsmanship and sheer determination of the partygoers. Thames-Coromandel mayor, Sandra Goudie, was amazed and even justified the act by telling TIME, “Everybody was quite entertained by it; it wasn’t hurting anybody. They were trying to claim it was in international waters but, of course, it isn’t.”

Pictures of the makeshift island circulated online after David Saunders posted it on the Facebook group Tairua ChitChat! The group was neither fined nor arrested.

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