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Eating Soil Could Be The Newest Fad Diet

Researchers from the University of South Australia shared that consuming soil gives better results than slimming pills.

While researchers were studying ways to improve the body’s absorption of medication, they accidentally discovered that soil not only attracts fat, but also prevents it from being ingested. With soil, the fat bypasses the digestive system.

They conducted an experiment, observing two groups of mice, the first was given Orlistat slimming pills while the other montmorillonite soil. Two weeks later, the weight of the mice which ate soil decreased drastically. Hence, the claim that eating soil makes it easier for the body to expel fat in contrast to taking weight loss supplements.

Testing to see if soil has any side effects on the body is still ongoing.

Bentonite slurry, photo courtesy of Robert Pitkin.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen and heard of people doing this, what with the 2014 trend of eating clay. The “diet” involves swallowing clay, usually bentonite, which is volcanic ash in tablet form or mixed in juice.The logic is that the clay swells in volume inside the stomach, which suppresses hunger.

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