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Matt Moore’s Vectorfunk Brings out a New Side of Rémy Martin

By Pauline Faye V. Tria

Rémy Martin, popular for its cognac creations, unveils the new limited edition VSOP bottle by graphic designer Matt W. Moore to make us “rethink the way we see the world.”

The limited edition VSOP bottle, launched last Oct. 18, features colorful geometric designs from Moore, who is known for his digital abstract artworks.

The launch celebrates the Rémy Martin brand as well as its collaboration with iconic artists, Michael Soon, marketing manager of Rémy Cointreau International, tells Manila Bulletin.

“We also partnered up with the movers and the shakers, and the icons of the different industries here in the Philippines,” Soon says.

  • Jess Wilson.

The icons that collaborated with Rémy Martin for the campaign were Jess Wilson for fashion and business, chef Kalel Chan for food, and Jason Soong for music.

“We collaborate with these so-called ‘icons’ to somehow mirror [the] partnership that Rémy Martin has, which talks about art, which talks about creativity, which talks about collaboration,” says Soon.

The partnership started out as a way of motivating Rémy Martin’s drinkers to see the world differently.

Photo courtesy of Rémy Martin.

“The whole message of the campaign is for us to see the whole world differently and in the different areas in the industry of these ‘icons’ that we have. It also helps us see what happens inside the world of [these icons],” says Soon.

The Rémy Martin limited edition VSOP bottle by Matt W. Moore gives us a fresh take, a new perspective on the everyday things that we see.

“Sometimes we need to change perspective to see the different beauty of it, to see a different side of [what we see],” says Soon.

To some people it might seem like a simple bottle, but when, looked at closely, you’d see the different layers not just of the drink, but of the different perspectives of the world.

Moore, known for this digital-abstract design he likes to call “Vectorfunk,” creates a visual experience elevated by multi-dimensional geometrics and semiotics for the campaign.

“With the partnership with Matt Moore, his style of ‘Vectorfunk’ brings out the fun and the creative side, the passion behind the brand itself,” says Soon.

Banner photo courtesy of Noel Pabalete.

The original article was first published in Manila Bulletin Lifestyle.

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