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Satisfy Your Japanese Cravings with Dohtonbori’s Eat-All-You-Can Promo

Filipinos love Japanese food. We’re blessed to have a lot of restaurants for our ramen fix. But if you’re over the ramen craze and want to try other dishes, Dohtonbori is the place for you.

Dohtonbori launched its first branch in the Philippines in 2015 and they’re known for serving okonomiyaki. Okonomi which means “what you like” and yaki means “grilled” or “cooked.” The dish is like a Japanese pancake with cabbage, bonito and seaweed flakes, okonomiyaki sauce, and mayonnaise.

And because the restaurant is celebrating their third year in the Philippines, they’re offering a okonomiyaki and yakiniku all-you-can promo for P699+. For two hours, you can stuff yourself silly with Butatama (Pork), Pepper Kalbi (Beef), Four Cheese, and Veggie Supreme Okonomiyaki; Chicken Shio, Kalbi, and Pork Yakiniku and; of course, rice. The kids can also try the promo for only P299+. Sulit na ’no?

Other than the food, Dohtonbori is well-loved by many because of its interiors. According to Kimberly Cruz, president of Dohtonbori Philippines, each outlet has a different Japanese feel. The first branch in Greenhills has Dagashiya (post-war mini-mart) vibes. Entering the UP Town Center branch will take you to the country’s streets, while the Dohtonbori in Megamall is patterned after the docks. The Mall of Asia, Fairview, and North Edsa branches are inspired by the temples.


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If you haven’t tried anything from Dohtonbori, Kimberly recommends their Shoyu Ramen (P290) and Cheesy Pork Okonomiyaki (P280) that has mozzarella cheese.

Aside from the all-you-can promo that will run until January 2019, they will also launch new dishes starting next year.

“In Japan, they develop their menu four times a year. For Dohtonbori Philippines, we are launching our new menu by first and second quarter next year, so they can expect more unique dishes. We’re also planning to incorporate Filipino favorites. It’s like our Filipino favorites with a Japanese twist,” she added.

Kimberly Cruz, president of Dohtonbori Philippines.

Dohtonbori’s okonomiyaki and yakiniku all-you-can promo runs until Jan. 31, 2019. For more info, visit Dohtonbori Philippines on Facebook.

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