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How China Will Rate Wine

The Red Dragon recently developed their own wine rating system, which evaluates both domestically-made and imported wines based on local palate.

The method was announced last month in Shanghai, by the government body regulating all alcoholic beverages, Alcoholic Drinks Association (CADA), together with China National Food Industry Association, and the Chinese Society for Horticultural Science.

A panel composed of CADA and China Wine & Viticulture Technology Association will perform the assessment. Unlike foreign appraisal such as Robert Parker or James Halliday with a 100-point scale, Chinese scoring is on a scale of 10 points.

Wang Qi, executive vice president of CADA said that wines are appraised according to color, aroma, body, and palate. He added, “This system is tuned to reflect the country’s culinary traditions and preferences.”

The rating system is not yet mandatory.

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