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Pregnant Woman Jailed for Opening a Canister of Chips

A pregnant woman in Ireland was sentenced to jail for two months after she opened a canister of chips in the shop before paying.

Kathleen McDonagh, 25, opened the Pringles at the self-checkout line of a Tesco store in Cork, where she had previously been banned.

She saw security approaching and thought they would be forced to let her pay for it. She said she wanted to buy the Pringles but she had no permission to be in the store, which is located in the Mahon Point shopping center.


McDonagh, had 31 previous convictions, 14 for theft and two for criminal damage. She is also convicted of handling stolen property. It was revealed by her defense solicitor, Shane Collins Daly, that she was recently married, five months pregnant, and was suffering from anxiety issues.

Judge Brian O’Shea McDonagh considered how Kathleen had previous convictions for the same offenses, and the suspension of sentences did not deter her.

Judge Brian said, “It’s difficult to see that as anything but smart aleck behavior,” and found the culprit guilty of criminal damage.

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