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Vegetarian Customers Fed Human Meat

It was discovered that a vegetarian restaurant in the eastern district of Bangkok was serving human flesh.

Police officers investigated the place upon receiving complaints from vegetarian customers that they found meat in their noodles. Checking the kitchen, authorities found a horrific sight. The walls and the floor were covered in blood, a human scalp and flesh scattered on the ground.

Photo courtesy of Oriental Daily. 

A further search revealed the butchered body of 61-year-old Prasit Inpathom in a septic tank outside the food joint. The victim was a patron and a friend of the restaurant’s boss. Inpathom was struck by a blunt object at the back of his head and was stabbed five times in the abdomen and one time in his leg.

The main suspect, the restaurant’s boss, is believed to have had a fight with the victim. His motives for killing is still unknown, and he remains at large.

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