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Escaped Pig Lured Back with A Bag of Chips

Police officers in California guided an escaped pig back to its pen. Sosyal ng baboy na ‘to, it was lured with bag of branded tortilla chips.

The story goes like this: it was Saturday, Oct. 13, 8 A.M., when deputies from San Bernardino County Sheriff’s office received a report about a huge pig (kasing laki ng maliit na kabayo!) roaming around the town of Highland.

The upstanding law enforcers hatched a plan to have Smalls (
nickname nung baboy) return to its sty using Poppin’ Jalapeño-flavored Doritos that one of the officers, Shelly Ponce, had packed for her lunch that day. Sarap maging baboy.

Ayun na nga, they successfully escorted the escapee down the street by dropping chips every now and then. This little piggy went “chomp chomp chomp” all the way home.

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