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Must-Eat Food at the 33rd Negros Trade Fair

Negrense culture has a lot to offer, and what better way to immerse yourself in it than through food. Suwerte, bro, because the 33rd Negros Trade Fair starts tomorrow. Attack! Kaon ta sang tanan nga namit nga pagkaon! Here’s a list of the must-eats:

Sud-an (Ulam)

Inasalan sa Dalan

When you hear Bacolod, the first plate that comes to mind is Inasal—marinated chicken that’s grilled over hot coals. This is your chance to have it, legit. Aida’s is known to have one of the best versions of this dish. Inasal sa Dalan is also something to consider. Apart from the chicken, the resto also serves KBL (kadios, baboy, langka), and sisig.

Bob’s Sate Babe

Bob’s Restaurant has back ribs, lechon, and fruit punch, but order lots of the sate babe with its peanut-buttery sauce. Keep your eyes peeled for Ereñeta Manaloto Chorizo and check out their Chorizo Recado and Chorizo Hamonado.

Cata Chorizo

Kinilaw Master and owner of Enting’s of Sagay Restaurant, Vicente Lobaton, will bless the exposition with his presence. He’ll be serving shrimp or fish kinilaw and lechon baka among others.

Enting’s Special of Sagay Kinilaw Tangigue

With its tagline “Bacolod In A Bottle,” Casa Carmela is hawking pitaw, sexy squid, smoked bangus, inasal marinade, and many more. While you’re at it, check out Ading’s Gourmet Tuyo and Talangka.

Casa Carmela Sexy Squid

Last but not least, Higop Batchoy and Molo lets you choose the ingredients that go into your Batchoy or Molo bowl. Extra bone marrow, chicharon, red egg, or grilled pork belly? Lahat na!

Higop Batchoy

Panghimigas and Pasalubong

After the mains, sink your teeth into some of the sugar land’s delicious pastries. Puwede din pampasalubong. Go to Felicia’s for cakes and special ensaymadamaraming masarap, pramis! Don’t miss out on Virgie’s bestselling mango tart, caramel tart, meringue, and galletas. Clara’s is popular for their melt-in-your-mouth goat’s milk barquillos. El Ideal has expanded their menu, too. Try their guapple pie, lumpia ubod, broas, hot piayas. Sugarlandia has been in the pasalubong business for nine decades, selling delicacies such as piaya and barquillos.

Felicia’s Ensaimada

Jarvis Gourmet Food is known for its ensaymadas, cassabinkas, muffins, and breads. They also have bottled spreads that make prepping your meals easier with their Saluyot Cheese Spread, Pesto Sauce, Gourmet Tuyo, Jarvis Krispee Kangkong, and others.

Satoca Dried Fish

Para sa pica-pica, buy SJ Veloria’s Squid Rings for hard-to-resist crunchy, bite-sized snacks.


There’s a farm-to-table retail store selling fresh and organic ingredients and products from Negros. It’s called Fresh Start. With T-Flavors, you will get the best pickled products in the market. They have salted products too and sinamak or spicy vinegar. Para naman sa canned or bottled goods, Kusina Jamora’s has products like ginamos, dilis, kalkag, sardinas, and more, all ready to eat.

T-Flavors Seafood

The 33rd Negros Trade Fair runs from September 26 to 30 at the Glorietta Activity Center in Makati. For more information, visit @thenegrostradefair on FB or negrostradefair_33rd on IG.

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