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Lechon and On and On

In a Filipino feast, lechon stands out, hands down! Usually placed in the middle of the spread or has its own table, the roasted pig is considered the pambansang pagkain ng Pilipinas, walang umaangal.

Dude, sino ba namang hindi mapupukaw sa malutong na balat at malinamnam na laman?

Commencing the Pinoy holiday season, Lydia’s Lechon introduces new menu items as part of its anniversary celebration in November. These early holiday treats include:

Kare-Kare con Lechon

It is what it sounds like. Roast pork and vegetables simmered in thick peanut sauce.

Pritchon Wraps

Fried lechon na nakabalot sa pita bread at may special sauces pa.

Cheesy Beef Caldereta

Beef stew loaded with melted cheese. As in loaded, man.

Laing con Lechon

Dried taro leaves and roast pork in coconut milk. We’re not “laing” to ’ya oks siya.

Bangus ala Pobre

Call it Bangus ala Rico. ’Cause bro, the taste of this deep-fried milkfish topped with fried garlic dish is rich.

Kansing Baka

Beef shank in hot broth made with tamarind, lemongrass, and annatto (Ano ‘to? Food coloring, pre).

Sizzling Tofu

Very hot bean curd.

Also new on their menu is the signature Lechon Belly. Charcoal-roast prime cut of pork, with extra crispy skin and seasoned fork-tender meat.

Anumang luto ‘yan, lechon will definitely make good pulutan in every inuman. It’s the beer—erm—‘ber’ months, after all.

These new items will be available in all Lydia’s Lechon stores starting Sept. 28, 2018.

Pritchon wrap and Laing con lechon photos courtesy hazelnutzy

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