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A Lot of Affordable Meals Under One Roof

It’s not only students who should hear the news of The Caf opening up North. While it’s initially targeted for scholarly bros to study and hangout, it can appeal to anyone who’s looking for good, affordable chow. The space has stall after stall filled with reasonably-priced fare which includes street food, specialty cuisines, and artisanal desserts. Basta hindi ka magsasawa lodi.

  • Liloan's Pride Liempo Lechon Manok Meal

The booth list includes Joe’s Longganisa, Magic Buckets Chicken Popper, Cebu’s Liloan’s Liempo, Adobo Connection, Slammin’ Sliders, Sweet Ecstasy, Paotsin dimsum and siomai, Sam’s street food, Kiu Kiu Ramen, Sen Lek Thai Noodle, T-Bone King, Elait, Overdoughs, Don Churros’, and Ho Cha.

We scoured the stalls (hey somebody had to do it) to give you our top five favorites:

The Double from Sweet Ecstasy is your plain old double cheeseburger. No gimmicks. This sandwich is so f*cking good: From the buttery brioche buns, crisp iceberg lettuce, fresh tomato slice, sweet onions, two whopping pure beef patties to the sweet and tangy secret ecstasy sauce—it’s perfection.

Para sa mga construction worker kung kumain, the most practical food to sate our hunger is rice meals. Our reco, the Garlic Chick’en Pork of Adobo Connection. Choosing between the two meats isn’t a problem now, plus we all love their adobo rice.

Crackling away on a cast iron plate, the Sizzling SteakWise Porkchop of T-Bone King, is H.O.T. parang yung campus crush ng lahat. The very lean and mild tasting chop is a great complement to beer.

If you’re a noodle dude, there’s also a Sen Lek Thai Noodle which serves Pad Thai. The stir-fried noodle is super street-y. It’s so authentic we had to invent a word for it. Just take our word for it and slurp down dem noodles.

For dessert, a cinnamon-sugary-fried-dough-scented air led us to Don’s Original Spanish Churros. Order the classic churro, and just dip it in and slather with chocolate. The greasy, fatty, and calorie-filled, sweet treat will awaken your Spanish blood.

The majority of the meals here range from only P100-180. Sugod.

The Caf is found in 249, UP Town Center, 216 Katipunan Ave, Diliman, Quezon City, 1108 Metro Manila, and operates 11am-10pm on weekdays while 10am-10pm on Fridays and weekends.

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