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Chefs Rolando and Jackie Laudico Will Launch a Flipbook Cookbook

Rocker-chef Rolando Laudico is teaming up with wife Jackie for a new cookbook. Titled Chef Laudico Flips Out!, the 132-page, full-color book features the couple’s exciting takes on traditional Filipino recipes.

Plus, it’s a flipbook, but not the kind with moving pictures. Its unconventional concept lets readers turn the book upside down to view the recipes. Astig di ba? The book is divided into two sections (savory and sweet) —chef Lau’s mains and chef Jackie’s desserts.

Another awesome thing about the book is the photography. The pictures take up spread after spread, showing the details of each dish. And, if you look closely, you’d notice na walang plato-plato.

Here are some of the dishes from the book, we’ve had a good taste of:

Sisig BasketsSisig served not on a sizzling plate but in individual crispy rice baskets atop a shot glass. It goes with a quail egg as chaser. In chef Lau’s resto, they use the Krathong Thong or golden cup in Thai (hindi yung skimpy underwear).

Sinigang Bites – Ever tried having sinigang on the go? If you can’t keep your soup together, the tamarind stew flavored crispy kangkong is a great alternative, chong.

Palabok Roll – Palabok as appetizer? Coming in a Vietnamese spring roll, it tastes way better than the regular pancit dish. Each pop is like a whole dish complete with bihon, tinapa flakes, chicharrón, adobo squid, crispy bagnet, and prawns.

Maja Blanca Cheesecake – The modern rendition of the Filipino maja blanca fused with a Greek cheesecake. The coconut and corn flavors complement the cream cheese.

This is just the first volume of the cookbook. The public book launch is today, Sept. 2, at the Grand Atrium of Edsa Shangri-La Plaza. You can buy it for P495 at National Bookstore, and on anvilpublishing.com.

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